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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How to extend Win7's trial to a full four months

In a nutshell: If you install Windows 7 and don't enter an installation key, the 30-day activation clock starts. To see how many days you have left, click Start, right-click Computer, and choose Properties. At the bottom of the dialog under Windows Activation, you'll see the number of days left in your trial period.

When that number gets perilously close to zero, you can extend the free period another 30 days via the following steps:

Control your Time Zone from a Command Prompt in Windows 7

Windows 7 includes tzutil.exe, which is a command line utility that lets you set or change
the time zone or get details on the current time zone.

To change the time zone, use the /s command.
For example, tzutil /s "universal standard time".

To display the current time zone, use the /g command.
For example, tzutil /g.

To get a list of all available time zones, use the /l command.
For example, tzutil /l.

Handy collection of Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts

Win+Up: Maximize the active window
Win+Down: Minimize / Restore the active window
Win+Left arrow: Snap the active window to left
Win+Right arrow: Snap the active window to right
Win+Shift+Left: Jump to left monitor
Win+Shift+Right: Jump to right monitor
Win+Space: All windows become transparent, you can peek at the desktop
Win+Home: Minimize all but the active window
Win+G: Bring gadgets to the top of the Z-order
Win+P: External display options (mirror, extend desktop, etc)
Win+X: Mobility Center (same as Vista, but still handy!)
Win+T: Focus and scroll through items on the taskbar
Win+1 to 5: Choose item by its location order on the taskbar
Win+(+/-): Zoom in/out
Shift+Click a taskbar item: Open a new instance of that application

Add "Hide File Ext." & "Show Hidden Files", To Right Click Context Menu

Now you don't have go through the many steps in Windows Explorer to change the "View Folder Options"
I use them, they are safe and free. Works with WindowsXP, Vista and Windows 7

Download the file HERE
Here's another one Click HERE

Secure Data On USB Drives In Windows 7

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